Green Technology Cluster

Green Technology Cluster, GTC is a non-profit initiative of GTA Association, whose purpose is to contribute to the propagation of the efforts of all social actors towards sustainable development of society with the help of green technologies. Green Technology Cluster aims to bring together and create an effective collaboration between institutions and governmental agencies, private companies, educational institutions, NGOs, communities and micro-communities that understand the crucial importance of hard work and concrete activities on greening, pollution reduction and using clean technologies.


Having as management entity the GREEN TECHNOLOGY / GREEN TECHNOLOGY Association (“Management Entity” or “Green Technology Association”) (according to the Statute, art. (5) paragraph (3) letter (o )), registered at the Register of Associations and Foundations, District 3 Court, Bucharest, with no. 114 / 05.12.2019, Fiscal registration code: 42055400, headquartered in Bucharest, 4th District, 20 Cornelia Street, is a virtual association without legal personality, without patrimonial purpose and has its own management.

The 21st century is the "Environmental Century". Institutions, governments and citizens are more aware each day that the challenges of today’s society such as pollution, depletion of natural resources and climate change cannot be left to future generations to solve.

Education, research, cross-industry collaboration and institutional policies are strategic pillars of a healthy future for each community, a future where nature and environment are respected.


Premises of such developments are extraordinary these years. We live in an era of creativity and innovation in the ​​”green” technologies, the ‘clean’ technologies field. Each new discovery, every initiative and every project in environmental protection bring more chances for a healthier planet and strengthen the foundations of the future green technologies that will help preserve the health of the planet and its inhabitants. The importance of developments in this segment is similar to the beginnings of the information revolution.

ECO-INNOVATION At the Heart of Our Activity










Consulting that helps our partners to become more competitive through green technologies

Through complete and complex projects, cross-industry and cross-sectors, GTC cluster aims to become one of the main drivers of easing access to resources and green technologies, increasing access to information and education on using green technologies for environmental protection. GTC aims also to become an active forum for discussion where social players develop public policies with real chances of implementation.

The 21st century is the “environmental century”!

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