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Our mission is to open new doors, establish strong connections, create long-term value, and ensure the transition to green technologies for a cleaner and healthier future. We support collaboration, cross-industry exchange, knowledge and know-how transfer, networking and strong partnerships. GTC opens its doors to any entity that can make a real contribution to the development of green technologies and that assumes with us the goal of becoming neutral in terms of carbon emissions.



Frequently Asked Question

Clusters should be considered as regional ecosystems of related industries and competencies featuring a broad array of inter-industry interdependencies. They are defined as groups of firms, related economic actors, and institutions that are located near each other and have reached a sufficient scale to develop specialized expertise, services, resources, suppliers, and skills.

Cluster initiatives foster the collaboration of diverse stakeholders in a value chain. A cluster initiative offers a comprehensive assessment of a cluster’s markets, products, linkages, externalities, and synergies to help identify regulatory and business constraints, tap new and wider market opportunities, and develop sound business strategies to tackle its main competitors. Strategic initiatives vary by country and cluster, but often focus on improving market Information, workforce development, supply chain improvements, quality standards, branding, forward integration, and process improvements.”

The main purpose of the cluster project is to drive PRODUCTIVITY and INNOVATION over time, which are driven by a great mix of cooperation and competition at the micro-level. More specifically, the objectives tend to focus on: Joint marketing and regional/national co-branding to access larger markets and more value per customer; Solving coordination problems; Establishing relationships with government and partners; Training – co-investing in human capital; Research and Development (R&D)

  • Managed access to GTC’s network of members.
  • Managed access to the GTC’s international network of clusters and associations to which GTC is affiliated.
  • Managed access to the latest information and news about industries and green technologies, available in the online bookstore of GTC.
  • Discounts for attending to events organized by GTC.
  • Opportunities to promote products and services on the GTC’s online platform and within GTC and the GTC events and cluster communications.

A cluster initiative usually starts as a network of firms and support organizations in a territory with a common goal. In addition to the firms, other stakeholders may include: academic and training institutions; institutions involved in research and testing; regulatory bodies; institutions that develop or monitor quality standards; economic development agencies and NGOs; investment promotion agencies; sector associations.

GTC is a non-profit initiative, whose purpose is to contribute to the propagation of the efforts of all social actors towards sustainable development of society with the help of green technologies. Green Technology Cluster aims to bring together and create an effective collaboration between institutions and governmental agencies, private companies, educational institutions, NGOs, communities and micro-communities that understand the crucial importance of hard work and concrete activities on greening, pollution reduction and using clean technologies.


Green technology is an umbrella term that describes the use of technology and science to create products and services that are environmentally friendly. Green-tech is related to cleantech, which specifically refers to products or services that improve operational performance while also reducing costs, energy consumption, waste, or negative effects on the environment.

To become a GTC member you must fill in the form on our official page.

Any Organization that carries out activities and has direct interests in the field of green industries (institutions, companies, non-governmental organizations).

Any organization that operates or has a tangential interest in green industries. Affiliate members can be institutions, companies, or NGOs offering support activities for green industries, engaged in education programs oriented towards reducing pollution and using recoverable energy, providers of services, and green products.

  • Direct access to the entire GTC’s network through online communication platform.
  • Direct access to the GTC’s international network of clusters and associations to which GTC is affiliated.
  • Sharing information and experiences with organizations in the same field or cross-fields through the online communication platform and regular meetings.
  • Access to the latest information and news about industries and green technologies, available in the online bookstore of GTC.
  • Direct involvement and initiative in projects, programs and events of GTC.
  • Direct involvement and initiative in joint lobbying actions and the public debates initiated by GTC cluster for improving the business environment and legislative.
  • Promoting of products and services on the GTC’s online platform.
  • Promoting environmental protection and human health.
  • Promoting initiatives cross-industry and cross-sectors that can contribute to reducing emissions and protecting the environment (initiatives like Green City and Smart City).
  • Promoting best practices in online periodicals.
  • Organization of periodical events and annual conferences for the general and specialized public.
  • Communication campaigns for development of a coherent green industrial market.
  • Develop and promote legislative initiatives which are designed to protect the environment and human health by encouraging green industries and technologies.

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