The 21st century is the "environmental century". Institutions, governments and citizens are more aware each day that the challenges of today’s society such as pollution, depletion of natural resources and climate change cannot be left to future generations to solve.

Education, research, cross-industry collaboration and institutional policies are strategic pillars of a healthy future for each community, a future where nature and environment are respected.

Premises of such developments are extraordinary these years. We live in an era of creativity and innovation in the ​​"green" technologies, the 'clean' technologies field. Each new discovery, every initiative and every project in environmental protection bring more chances for a healthier planet and strengthen the foundations of the future green technologies that will help preserve the health of the planet and its inhabitants. The importance of developments in this segment is similar to the beginnings of the information revolution.

Green Technology Cluster, GTC is a non-profit initiative of GTA Association, whose purpose is to contribute to the propagation of the efforts of all social actors towards sustainable development of society with the help of green technologies. Green Technology Cluster aims to bring together and create an effective collaboration between institutions and governmental agencies, private companies, educational institutions, NGOs, communities and micro-communities that understand the crucial importance of hard work and concrete activities on greening, pollution reduction and using clean technologies.

Through complete and complex projects, cross-industry and cross-sectors, GTC cluster aims to become one of the main drivers of easing access to resources and green technologies, increasing access to information and education on using green technologies for environmental protection. GTC aims also to become an active forum for discussion where social players develop public policies with real chances of implementation.

GTC is committed to actively contribute to building and developing a green future.


    The Green Technology Cluster's mission is to actively contribute to the development of a future where green technologies are used to protect human’s health and the environment, to provide professional assistance in forming sustainable partnerships, to support and promote social actors investing time and money in developing green technologies and technological mixes that can protect the environment.


    Green Technology Cluster’s vision is to build lasting partnerships of social actors who can get involved in green technology development. Through its actions, Green Technology Cluster aims to increase active involvement and the degree of responsibility towards the green technologies for all social actors, regardless of their legal status.


    People. We believe in people, we encourage personal development and we reward performance. Innovation and green technology. We believe that the clean and healthy future of people and the planet can be built using innovation and technology. Responsibility and integrity. We always act in a responsible manner, putting the sustainability principles beyond financial interests. Social commitment. We offer the development framework of sustainable solutions that can provide a safe and thriving future for communities that uses them and the whole society.

The 21st century is the environmental century



The term "technology" refers generally to the use of a set of theoretical knowledge, of working methods and materials for achieving practical goals. The "green technologies" field covers methods, innovative and evolving materials, used in many practical projects, from power generation to production of non-toxic detergents or vehicles with zero carbon emissions.

It is expected and also desirable that the "green technology" should produce innovation and should generate changes in the lives of individuals and of society. Their impact will be similar to the information technology burst, which we witness in recent decades.

The objectives that outlines the directions of development in this area are:

Sustainability - addressing the needs of society through long-term solutions without damage nature or deplete natural resources. In other words, addressing the needs of modern society without compromising the ability of future generations to solve their own needs

Regenerative design - design products required by the society in complete cycles so that they can be fully recycled and reinserted into the production circuit, eliminating waste.

Reducing pollution sources - prevent waste and pollution by changing patterns of production and consumption.

Innovation - developing alternative materials and technologies that can replace those that harm the environment and human health, such as fossil fuels or chemicals used in intensive agriculture.

Economic sustainability - including, in early stage of design, the green technology and materials that protect the environment and human health in models and economic cycles with the potential for human resource insertion and creation of new jobs and new professions.

Applicability of green technologies


In green technologies field, green energy production is the topical theme and include: development of alternative fuels, new sources for energy production and ensure efficiency in energy consumption.


Green transport theme is extensive and covers both the social impact of transport-related activities and their impact on the environment. Topics of interest are reducing exhaust emissions, replacing fossil fuels and accelerated migration to ways of transport that can serve multiple purposes: mobility adapted to the current society’s needs in a safe and environmental protective way.

Green Buildings

Green building theme covers various topics from choosing the construction materials, of the installations and their equipment to discovering the most efficient geographical location for future real estate developments.

PROCUREMENT with low negative impact on the environment

This theme refers to government initiatives through which, in governmental and administrative institutions, preferential purchase of those products which were manufactured using materials and methods that have the least negative impact on the environment is stimulated.


This theme refers to invention, design and use of those chemical products and processes that can reduce and even eliminate substances that are hazardous to the environment and to human health.

GREEN nanotechnology

Green nanotechnology is in a promising early stage and involves a combination of green chemistry and green technology to improve production processes and technologies by manipulating materials at the nanometer level.

We live in the era of electric vehicles



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Partner Members of GTC


  • Direct access to the entire GTC's network through online communication platform.
  • Direct access to the GTC's international network of clusters and associations to which GTC is affiliated.
  • Sharing information and experiences with organizations in the same field or cross-fields through the online communication platform and regular meetings.
  • Access to the latest information and news about industries and green technologies, available in the online bookstore of GTC.
  • Direct involvement and initiative in projects, programs and events of GTC.
  • Direct involvement and initiative in joint lobbying actions and the public debates initiated by GTC cluster for improving the business environment and legislative.
  • Promoting of products and services on the GTC's online platform.

Affiliate members of the GTC cluster


  • Managed access to GTC’s network of members.
  • Managed access to the GTC’s international network of clusters and associations to which GTC is affiliated.
  • Managed access to the latest information and news about industries and green technologies, available in the online bookstore of GTC.
  • Discounts for attending to events organized by GTC.
  • Opportunities to promote products and services on the GTC's online platform and within GTC and the GTC events and cluster communications.

What it means to be a member or an affiliate?

Partner Members of GTC:

Organizations operating and having direct interests in green industries (institutions, companies, NGOs).

Affiliate members of GTC:

Open position for organizations operating or having tangential interest in green industries. Affiliate members can be institutions, companies or NGOs offering support activities for green industries, engaged in education programs oriented towards reducing pollution and using recoverable energy, providers of services and green products.

Affiliate members have similar benefits with Partner members but will be involved in GTC’s projects and initiatives following one of the Partner member’s proposal.

Be Green! Join GTC cluster.

GTC has activities with impact on the green industries and technologies:

  • Promoting environmental protection and human health.
  • Promoting initiatives cross-industry and cross-sectors that can contribute to reducing emissions and protecting the environment (initiatives like Green City and Smart City).
  • Promoting best practices in online periodicals.
  • Organization of periodical events and annual conferences for the general and specialized public.
  • Communication campaigns for development of a coherent green industrial market.
  • Develop and promote legislative initiatives which are designed to protect the environment and human health by encouraging green industries and technologies.